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Forex Robot

Forex robot – Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about forex bots. But what exactly is a forex robot? In this article, we will thoroughly discuss forex robots and how to choose the best forex robot. Let’s look at the following explanation.

What is Forex Robot?

In short, a forex robot or trading bot is software that is embedded in the MetaTrader / trading platform of the broker that you use to make trading run automatically. This forex robot has been programmed with an algorithm, which acts like a smart machine that can perform market analysis and open positions on autopilot. Here are some ways to choose the best forex robot:

1. Robots Using Credible Brokers

As a good trader, we must choose a robot that uses a trusted, regulated, clear, and not a fake broker. There are several ways to minimize the risk of fraud from brokers, one of which is that the broker has an official exchanger, has a live MT4 account when registering, is fast in depositing and withdrawing, withdrawals can use many currencies, can withdraw at any time, and has a withdrawal fee that follows the bank exchange rate. In addition, we can also check the quality and reputation of the broker that will be used using wikifx.

2. Check Robot Performance in Myfxbook

We also have to check the performance history of the robot. We can check it by using the myfxbook website. You can ask the owner of the robot to check it.

3. Ease of Access

One of the characteristics of the best forex robot is its ease of access. The broker of the robot must understand and support every investor so that they can easily access it.

4. 24 Hours Customer Service

This is very important for every trader. When something confusing happens, customer service that is always on 24 hours will be the answer and always reliable.

5. Check Robot Review 

Check and find out the reviews from every trader who has used the robot. Reviews from each trader will be a reference for you to determine whether the robot is suitable to use or not.

Those are 5 points on how to choose the best forex robot. Based on the explanation above, Fin888 is included in the characteristics of the best forex robot. Fin888 is registered with a broker whose reputation and credibility are clear. Besides that, it has reliable customer service, and always prioritizes the safety of funds from each trader.

What is surprising is that Fin888 does not charge any fees for both robot software and administration fees, in other words, it is free. Learn more about Fin888 by clicking here.

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