Advantages and Privileges of Using Fin888 Robot

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Fin888 Robot – Most people think that forex trading is very difficult and tends to be detrimental. Many people have learned from various sources but they still have difficulty analyzing charts, reading candle movements, so they often end up losing money. This makes people feel disappointed and afraid because of the trauma of experiencing loss in forex trading.

From the problem above, an idea emerged to create a trading robot / copytrade robot that functions to help traders analyze the market and open positions. Trading robots have become very popular in 2019, but it is not uncommon for these robots to end up as scams. As a result, all trader’s funds are lost.

Because there are so many scam robots, Fin888 Robot was created. Fin888 is a copytrade robot that combines AI (Artificial Intelligence) and humans. To avoid a scam, Fin888 collaborates with a trusted and regulated broker who already has 100,000 investors and has more than 3000 transactions per day.

Now let’s discuss the advantages and privileges of using the Fin888 Robot.  Fin888 Robot is functions to look for open position opportunities using candlestick movement. Usually, the robot will look for a reversal candle, then the Fin888 team will open a position. In a day there are 1-5 trades. With average trading, 2-3 times from 6 – 11 PM (UTC +7) following European & American market opening times with cut loss rate is +/- 1%.

Then How many % profit from this Fin888 Robot per month?

Deposit 1000 – 9999 USD: will get 6-8% net profit.

Deposit 10.000 USD and above: will get 8-10% net profit.

(*Disclaimer: Results may change and is not an exact guarantee as above)

The advantage of the Fin888 Robot is that there is no fee for the robot and admin fees, but there is profit-sharing. This profit sharing is very fair for every investor because the profit-sharing is only when robots wins the trade. If Wednesday night wins, then Thursday morning at 9.30 (UTC +7), the robot will automatically do the profit sharing. This is very profitable for investors considering Fin888 Robot is totally free.

If the robot loses, there is no profit sharing. For example, a deposit of 10,000 USD, Monday night robot loses a trade of 30 USD, then Tuesday night robot wins a trade of 100 USD,  the loss will be covered and the remaining 70 USD then will be divided for profit sharing.

Profit-sharing also varies, if the deposit is from 1000 – 9999 USD then the share is 65% for investors and 35% for robots. For a deposit of 10,000 USD and above the share is 75% for investors and 25% for robots.

The next advantage is that you don’t need to be afraid for the safety of investor funds because at the Fin888 broker (Samtrade FX), there is VIP Investor insurance of USD 100,000 to 3,000,000 covered by FALCON Insurance. And there is also an insurance that Fin888 Broker (Samtrade FX) Members can claim a maximum of 20,000 Euros if the Broker is proven to have committed a Scam.

Those are some of the advantages and advantages of using Robot Fin888, if you are interested in joining, you only need to prepare an identity card/passport and register using the following link: If there is a further question please contact us, by clicking the contact us button.

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