FIN888 Straight Through LP (Liquidity Provider) Copy Trading Robot

fin888 copytrade

FIN888 Copy Trading – For new or old investors, they must have heard the word Scam often, of course, this is detrimental for them because all their funds can be lost without the responsibility of the platform owner.

Usually, the flow of investor funds in the trading world will involve three parts. Investor funds will be sent to the Trader, then the Trader forwards it to the Broker on every trade transaction that occurs. Unfortunately, the flow above is a danger to investors, because some of the investor’s funds are stored in the Trader, so it is likely that a scam will occur because the funds may be used by the Trader for his own benefit or to cover his trading losses.

Seeing these conditions, FIN888 emerged by using a safe channel for investors regarding the delivery and protection of their funds. As a Copytrade Robot, FIN888 only makes transactions and does not hold investor funds, because investor funds are directly sent to trusted brokers and brokers who carry out trading transactions with custodian supervision. The custodian will only allow the broker to use the funds according to the trading transaction, the remaining funds are still held by the custodian.

The Custodian will definitely keep the investor’s funds tight and the Broker can only use it for trading transactions, not for anything else. So it can be ascertained that whatever the trader’s situation, the funds will always be safe. Likewise, when investors withdraw their investment funds and profits, they can easily withdraw at any time without any penalty fees at all.

To maintain a sense of security for Investors, FIN888 in collaboration with trusted Brokers that provides insurance guarantees for every investor with a total sum insured of 20,000 Euros to 500,000 USD.

Thus FIN888 conducts its trading with the Straight to Liquidity Provider method which is the safest method for investors. Find out more information about FIN888 in If there is a further question please contact us, by clicking the contact us button.

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