Grow Your Passive Income

Automized copytade with an average of 4 minutes per trade, there is no need to observe trading charts anymore. Enjoy your time and enjoy the profit!

Free of any fees

There are no robot fees and no admin fees at all, completely free.

Segregated Account

All client funds are held in a separate custodian trusted bank account and protected by a custodian trust.

Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

Within 5 minutes through USDT crypto coin and 24 hours through a local bank.

About Us

Introducing a new automated trading system for beginner and professional traders, Fin888 is a Free Forex Copytrade Robot with a great Collaborated Trade System. Fin888 Group is registered through a Broker that has been registered and regulated by FINTRAC (Center for Financial Analysis and Transactions of Canada), Money Services Bussines (MSB) with registration number: M19977589

Fin888 is committed to provide a reliable Copy Trade system to its clients. With the combination of the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine market movements and executed by professional traders, it will guarantee easier and more profitable trading.

Our Performance

1. Average 4 minutes time transaction with 80% Win Probability,
Win pip : Lose pip = 3 : 1


2. 10% Monthly Profit with 1% Drawdown


3. Consistent Performance with Great Trading History


Our Features

No Maximum Withdraw

Withdraw anywhere, anytime, and without any limits.

STP/ECN Broker

Broker throws all trades directly to Liquidity Provider. No dealing desk Broker.

Live Trade

Has MT4 live account, clients can see the live trades. Transparent without anything being covered up.

1% Drawdown

Low risk trade with great risk management.

Free of any Fees

There are no robot fees and admin fees. Completely free.

Client's Fund Protection

The client's funds are kept by 3rd party custodian bank.

Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

Within 24 hours through a local bank, within 5 minutes through USDT crypto coin.

No Floating Transaction

Average 4 minutes transaction trades, No overnight trading.

Risk Management

Only 10% Maximum capital loss. If this happens, Fin888 will stop all the trades and asking each member if they wanna continue the trade.

No Averaging or Martingale

A scalper type category with 4 minutes average transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum deposit is $1000 and will be automatically joined.

Fin888 combines the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence to analyze market movements. The trades are executed by a professional master trader.

Below 10.000 USD, the net profit is 6 – 8% from the whole capital. Above 10.000 USD, the net profit is 8 – 10% from the whole capital. 

Risk Warning

Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading is very speculative and carries a level of risk that may not be suitable for some people interested in online trading. You may experience a loss of your invested capital. For that case, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks related to Forex trading online and ask for advice from an independent financial advisor.

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